Alabama Crimson Tide wide

IT'S HERE!!  Time for a slightly different Tide & Tiger matchup for the National Championship game.  ROLLING ON TO SWEET #16!

In anticipation of many more fans coming out for this game, we have 3 watch party locations set up. Huge thanks to the University of Kentucky for allowing us to use the College Inn for our 2nd location once again.  This is a great option for those that get to the Irish Hound and find it to be more crowded than anticipated as it is just a mile from the Irish Hound.

And thanks to club member Oscar Allen who's stepped up to be the point person for a 3rd location at the Fowl Line in Castle Rock for those of you that live South of Denver.

All locations will be staffed up and ready to go for Bama Fans!  Each also has it's own game specials so check with them.  They DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS.  Seating is first come, first serve.

Please see below for details and help spread the word as many people that will make it out are likely to not know that we do not typically have these sort of crowds or that other options are available.


President - Denver/Boulder Chapter
University of Alabama Alumni Association

2016 01 11 alabama vs clemson

MAIN LOCATION - The Irish Hound - 575 St. Paul St, Denver, CO 80206.Just off the corner of 6th & St. Paul. - Maps & Directions
2ND LOCATION - The College Inn - 4400 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80220. Just down 8th from the Trader Joe's on 8th & Colorado Blvd.- Maps & Directions
3RD LOCATION - The Fowl Line  - 774 Maleta Ln, Castle Rock, CO 80108 (off Founders Parkway & I-25) - Maps & Directions


For the Irish Hound:
We have free street parking, BUT PLEASE CHECK THE SIGNS ALONG THE STREET WHERE YOU PARK!  St. Paul in front of the Irish Hound is now RESIDENTIAL only.  You can park on the cross streets to the north of 6th Ave. as well as along 6th Ave in spots.

For the College Inn:
We have free street parking, BUT PLEASE CHECK THE SIGNS ALONG THE STREET WHERE YOU PARK!  There are signs in certain areas around the bar that are RESIDENTIAL or TIME Limited parking.  There is a small lot behind the College Inn.

**AS A REMINDER - these are residential areas, so please be respectful of the neighbors.

For the Fowl Line:
Parking lot!

For those old & new to the Irish Hound, here are some reminders on how things work:

- "WHERE'S MY SERVER? DO I ORDER AT THE BAR?"  - PLEASE DO NOT crowd the bar area.  The Bartenders at the Hound also work the floor and will frequently circle the place to wait on the tables as well.  If you crowd the bar, you make it difficult for them to get out around to the tables as well as block the view of others. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO THE COLLEGE INN. (PS - don't forget to
tip your bartenders!)

- "WHERE DO I SIT?" - If you come in and see a few big tables with just a few folks at it, don't be a stranger! Introduce yourself & grab a seat (if they aren't using the whole table). The reverse also applies - if you sit at a big table but don't need all the other seats, please welcome people to sit with you. There will be a few more small tables and chairs in the back room this year.

- IS IT KID FRIENDLY? -  Yes, The Irish Hound is a neighborhood pub, however we do advise you to use your own discretion as it is still predominately a bar where adults will be drinking.  Evening games tend to have a larger crowd.

Please also keep in mind that the bar has the right to refuse service to anyone they choose.  And even thought this shouldn't be a surprise, you are required to show ID, so please do not hassle the bar about this.

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