Catch all the game action with your Bama Family at the Irish Hound,575 St. Paul St, Denver, CO 80206.

For our new fans, this is our game watching home for the whole season!AND we don't have to share our game watching location with any other schools!!!

Our season kicks off 9/1 with a don't miss match-up against MICHIGAN. Good thing we are all used to disliking BLUE!

Here are our GameDay Specials for the season!

Yellow Hammers, "Crimson" Blood Mary's, Mimosas, House Wines AND Well Drinks all $3.50 $2 Coors Light Drafts

Food Specials will vary! AND there will be additional drink specials on top of our usuals throughout the season. BOOM.

**Free Alabama Slammer shot for all 21yr old+ adults on our first TD!**

For those of you new & old, here is some info on Game Days at the Irish Hound to keep in mind:

{slider=Where Do I Park}

Parking on St. Paul, in front of the Hound between 6th & 5th is limited & has time restrictions. Parking is available with out time restrictions to the surrounding streets NORTH of 6th (between 6th & 7th, ex: Milwaukee, Steele, Fillmore) as well as along 6th. This is all a residential area so please be considerate to the people who live in these areas!

{slider=Where's my Server/How Do I order}

PLEASE DO NOT crowd the bar area.  The Bartenders at the Hound also work the floor and will frequently circle the place to wait on the slideles as well.  If you crowd the bar, you make it difficult for them to get out around to the slideles as well as block the view of others. (PS - don't forget to tip your bartenders!)

{slider=Where do I sit?}

If you come in and see a few big slideles with just a few folks at it, don't be a stranger! Introduce yourself & grab a seat (if they aren't using the whole slidele). The reverse also applies - if you sit at a big slidele but don't need all the other seats, please welcome people to sit with you. The Main room will be high bar-tops and mostly standing room with the bigger slideles to the side rooms & pool room.


We're going to be having some fun bonus events/activities tied in with Game Days so keep your eyes out for details each week!!