Hey Alabama,

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What an amazing turn out this weekend!! We had people pulling up with trailers of donations from all over Colorado, cars packed to the brim, and then some.  We had some tireless volunteers put in some unbelievable time this weekend, some working 2 DAYS STRAIGHT.  We're tallying up the funds from this weekend, & I don't want to ruin the surprise but it was looking to be FANTASTIC!!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out this weekend: bands, volunteers, Moe's, friends, family, other school's alums & fans, party people, etc.  I hope you all had fun too!

WE ARE NOT THROUGH!! We had a ton of donations come in after Saturday & we need to get these sorted & boxed up, to be ready to ship out.  We need one more round of volunteers to help sort tomorrow night, TUES. MAY 17TH.  Please shoot me an email (use the "contact us" link here on the site), and I will be give you time & location details.



We're hosting the SEC Happy Hour this Thursday.  This is more than just a Happy Hour; outside of us being the host, this is a very important fundraiser for the Red Cross.  As you have seen in the news, the south is now facing serious flooding.  So many people are in need.  Please join us to be great host to our SEC friends to help raise money for ALL of the south.

ALSO, I've been working with a few other folks in our crew & there are some more fun events lined up where you can have fun & help send money back to Bama to help out. Stay tuned!



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Colorado community reaches out to Alabama tornado victims

6:09 PM, May 15, 2011
Written by Lori Obert

DENVER - Coloradans came together Sunday to help people in Alabama.

Several volunteer groups held a silent auction and benefit concert to raise money for the victims of the Tuscaloosa tornadoes.

The volunteers are sending more than 150 boxes filled with relief supplies to those impacted by the storms on April 27.

Organizers of Sunday's fundraiser say they just want to show those in Alabama that Colorado cares.

"Even though we are out here in Colorado, we are all still Americans and we are all still family and friends," Danielle Johnson, event organizer for Help for Alabama, said. "Being Southern is about community and Colorado is a lot about that too. So we want to make sure that those of us that are not back in the south and live here and really love Colorado - that we are sending love home and showing them that Alabama is not isolated. Colorado cares about Alabama too."

Organizers say the sky is the limit when it comes to donations, and they hope to have more fundraisers in the coming weeks.

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